Hamilton Specialty Bar (2007) Inc. ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY

It is the policy of Hamilton Specialty Bar (2007) Inc. that shall manage its activities and operations in order to preserve its environment and maintain its operations as environmentally safe workplaces. Hamilton Specialty Bar commits to be a responsible corporate citizen and to consider the environmental concerns of its employees and the communities in which it operates.

Through a process of continual improvement, we will work to minimize environmental impacts and optimize the management of our natural resources by incorporating processes and procedures that are technologically and financially achievable. It is our policy to comply with the environmental laws and regulations applicable thereto, and be proactive in the management of environmental issues.

Hamilton Specialty Bar (2007) Inc. shall strive to achieve continual environmental improvement through establishing and reviewing objectives and targets as part of the annual business planning process.

Hamilton Specialty Bar (2007) Inc. also believes that waste minimization is essential in order to reduce the volume and toxicity of waste generated and to minimize any present or future threat to human health and the environment. This may be accomplished using a combination of techniques including source reduction and control, material substitution, operation changes, good housekeeping, recycling, pollution prevention, and environmentally sound treatment and disposal.

Hamilton Specialty Bar (2007) Inc. expects each employee to support and assist the organization in meeting its goals and fulfilling its commitments as outlined in this policy. It is incumbent on senior management to make all employees aware of this policy.

For any questions regarding environmental issues, please contact:

Mark Cheshire
Manager Health, Safety and Environment
Hamilton Specialty Bar (2007) Inc.

Tel. # : (905) 312-8650 x 5023
Fax # : (905) 312-1635